Heat Surge Amish Fireplace – What you should about the “Amish Heater”

Home Improvement 12 August 2014 | 0 Comments

If you plan to keep warm during the winter then you surely would like to get a room heater that would be cost effective and efficient. Heating cost in the home could be high and one can embrace the opportunities that lead to energy cost savings. This is where the Amish heaters come in.

You might have come across advertisement of a fireplace known as Heat Surge Amish Fireplace or “Amish” Heaters. The advertisers claim this heater saves energy costs and provide users with a fireplace that are “smokeless”, “fireless”, and “flameless”.

The following are more details about the Amish Fireplace from Heat Surge you would find revealing. Yes, there are many things you should know about this heater but this article would give you a head start.

  • The lure of what Amish heaters provide for users is memorable and each fireplace is noted to have features that readily beat off the competition. These include built-in thermostat, remote control, four wheels for convenient transportation from one part of the home to another, and mantles built with solid wood tops typical of the Amish craftsmanship.
  • Heat Surge Fireplace is an electric heater so it works with electricity. The heater inserted into the Mantle is made from China even as the Mantle is made of local Amish craftsmanship in Canton, Ohio. The heater can be used with a 1209 volt AC Electrical Outlet.
  • This brand of Fireplace is not only known to have a blend of Amish Craftsmanship and Flameless Chinese heater, it’s a fireplace that can save you money on gas bills, enhance the decor of your rooms, and provide an ambiance of a real fire.
  • You should consider various models which include the popular Roll-N-Glow model. This is a movable fireplace that is widely advertised to save money on gas bills. The convenience of moving this from room to room is indeed a lure you may not want to miss.

Finally, Heat Surge electric fireplace can be installed in homes, condominiums, and bedrooms. You can checkout more details on this as you seek for the original Amish crafted heater or fireplace.